Repair and maintenance of boats

Rapidly growing LAKY VERF Company performs skilled repair of ships in addition to the building of yachts. Using of the modern equipment and advanced technologies allow reducing the time of repair works, improving quality of work, and as a consequence, extending the operational period of the vessels.

The list of works carrying out by specialists of LAKY VERF in the field of ship repair:

  • Maintenance and repair of marine engines, transmissions and accessories.
  • Restoration and renovation of the hull.
  • Restoration, repair and production of the interior elements.

LAKY VERF Company has all necessary equipment and qualified personnel to carry out complex repair of vessels both during navigation and in winter period.

LAKY VERF offers a wide range of services for winter storage of the boats.

Preparing the vessel for the winter storage includes a conservation of all systems followed by fault detection of equipment and if necessary, further repair works.

The company's specialists carry out all marine works (interior, exterior, piping and etc.)