Laky 12MJ

Multipurpose high-speed boat with a hull made of marine aluminum alloy can be operated on rivers, lakes, reservoirs, as well as in coastal marine areas.

Project 12MJ was developed by the design bureau of the Laky Verf Company Limited.

The boat is designed to perform the following tasks:

- patrolling in order to identify, prevent and suppress violations, ensure control over compliance with the regime in the waters of the coastal maritime zone and inland waterways of the Russian Federation;

- participation in search and rescue operations;

- interception and inspection of violator vessels.

The boat is equipped with a wheelhouse with navigation control system, a spacious saloon, a place to warm up food, a double aft cabin and a sanitary block. The boat can comfortably accommodate:

  • up to 8 people in the daytime
  • up to 3 people at night.

The maximum speed of the boat is 35 knots. The boat has two marine engines Volvo Penta, each with water jet systems.

Technical Data


Model Laky Verf 12MJ
Vessel type Multipurpose high-speed patrol boat
Classification Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) / State Inspection of Small Vessels (CU TR 026/2012)
Shipbuilding company Laky Verf Company Limited
Hull and wheelhouse material AMG
Overall length 12 m
Overall width 4,2 m
Overall draft 0,8 m
Maximum speed 35 knots
Total fuel 1500 liters
Number and type of main engines 2 x Volvo Penta, each with water jet system
Fresh water supply 350 liters