About the true history of Shlisselburg

15 августа 2018

About the true history of Shlisselburg

This year Shlisselburg celebrated its real birthday for the first time, and this celebration immediately became the anniversary – the 695th anniversary of the founding of the city by the ancient inhabitants of Novgorod.

On the eve of this day the city and all citizens who are interested, love and proud of its history was presented a great gift – a book by Yuri Ovsyanikov "SHLISSELBURG. The history of the city: from the Orekhovets 'to town".

The first part of the book is historical, tells about the memorable places of the city and covers the period from the foundation of Shlisselburg to its formation as a city of rivermen, sailors and shipbuilders. The second part of the book tells about the famous persons who visited Shlisselburg and contributed to its development, as well as about the contemporaries, who can be proud of the citizens.

It should be noted that the first happy owners of books were the locals whose contribution to the prosperity of the modern town was marked by the celebration of the city day, august 12.  Among them were representatives of the Laky Verf Company.